Hair Go Straight Platinum Keratin Treatment Level 2

Hair Go Straight Platinum Keratin Treatment Level 2

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Hair Go Straight Platinum Treatment is for individuals with wavy, frizzy and damaged hair. Our Brazilian Blend of rich platinum level ingredients is guaranteed to make hair smooth and shiny with a long lasting straightness effect. Made in U.S.A.

How to apply:

  • Wash hair with Hair Go Straight Clarifying Shampoo for deep cleaning and repeat process.
  • Dry hair to approximately 90%.
  • Part hair in sections.
  • Apply product, brush sections and apply ¼ inch from the root, do not apply on scalp.
  • Blow-dry completely while straightening the hair using a round brush.
  • Complete treatment using ceramic or porcelain flat iron.
  • Instruct client to wash hair 48-72 hours after application. During this time do not put hair in ponytail or behind ears.
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